19 Aug

Telling your inner critic to Shut the F&^% up!

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I can’t go a day without getting really intimate with inner critics. My client’s inner critics, my friend’s inner critics… dare I say, my own inner critic! It usually manifests as really negative self talk that we don’t question and that we take as reality. The inner critic is usually a combination of our own fears about ourselves, societal pressures, and horrible things that have been said to us throughout our lives. But the reality is, your inner critic is lying to you. And it’s not lying to you to be a jerk, but more to protect you. The problem is that the inner critic isn’t really protecting you. It’s keeping you small, it’s keeping you from developing in your confidence, and increasing your anxiety. Luckily, there are ways to not only tell your inner critic to shut up, but also to help use it for your advantage! Join me below as I riff on the Inner Critic and give some tips to tell it to step off.


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