07 Sep

When there is no spark to be found…

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Everyone has had those days. They are the days when your feelings of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and fear feel overwhelming and its damn near impossible to see past it. Your thinking becomes very black and white. It is hard to focus on the good things because the not-so-good-things take center stage.

In those moments, I want to encourage you to know that this too shall pass. Your light, your special and incredibly unique spark is still there even if you cannot see it. Know that at the end of this incredibly difficult wave that you are riding is a source of light.

On these days, try this:

  • Call a trusted friend or family member
  • Journal
  • Make fun plans for the future
  • Watch music videos from years ago
  • Move (exercise, dance, yoga)
  • Eat something
  • Shower
  • Cuddle with a pet

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