31 Dec

How do you INTEND to grow this year?

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It is, no doubt, a cliche to speak about intentions and resolutions this time of year. People get pensive. They become reflective. They reach out to people they have lost connections with. Its a curious thing- this man-made concept of the new year. Different cultures celebrate it at different times and they do so in different ways. The idea of reflection and making changes tends to resonate through these different new beginnings.

I am totally a sucker for reflection and intention. This December 31st 2017, I’m trying something a little different and I’m sharing it with you. I’m making an intention of how I’d like to GROW this year. Not change, but grow.

I intend to grow in creativity, in patience,  and in self-compassion.

What about you?

Will you grow to show yourself the kind of compassion you show others?

Will you grow to give yourself the time and patience to figure things out?

Will you grow to know what you need and desire, and to stop settling for less?

How do you intend to grow this year?

I’m sending my sincere love and hope to everyone that we may all have a beautiful, fruitful, exciting, passionate, wild, and tranformational 2018.



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