22 Mar

Get Out of Your Head

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Ever have a day where you felt really crappy and had a had time getting out of your own way? You know the feeling…lethargic, lazy, sad, annoyed, etc. Everyone has days like this, but it can be really hard when you are working to find your spark and live in a place of authenticity and you feel like crap. I came up with somethings to put in action when you are having one of these days.

Validate Yourself 
Ignoring your feelings only makes them worse. Validate the fact that you are having a day where you feel crappy. Just because you acknowledge your feelings, doesn’t mean that you are accepting them or giving up. Just validate that you’re having one of these days.

Get Physical
One of the best ways to get out of your head is to get physical in a way that feels fun and right for you. Here are some ideas:
* Dance
* Exercise
* Play with Pets
* Take a Walk
* Clean a Room
* Stretch
* Yoga
* Shake it Out

Get Creative
Spending some time in a creative headspace is a great way to get out of a rut. Work on a project that you’ve been procrastinating on, or maybe start something fun or new. Here are some ideas:
* Draw
* Paint
* Journal
* Choreograph a Dance
* Write a Play
* Sing
* Brainstorm New Ideas

Get Social
I know it can be easy to isolate when you’re having one of these days, but connected to someone else is a really great way to get out of your own way.
* Have a Game Night
* Call a Friend
* Use Skype or FaceTime
* Have a Friend Over
* Meet at a Restaurant
* Join a Club or Meetup

Get Comfy
Sometimes staying in is the best form of self-care. Get on some comfy clothes and treat yourself well!
* Take a Bath
* Watch a Movie
* Masturbate
* Cuddle with a Friend or Pet
* Meditate
* Take a Nap

If you’ve gotten through this list, you’ve realized that this is just a really long list of ways to improve your self-care. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder or push to improve our self-care habits. Having a blah day is great information that we can use some more self care.

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