25 Oct

Trans Rights are Human Rights

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The recent memo from the White House about redefining sex and gender has left a lot of people rightfully angry, scared, sad, and confused. No matter where you might lean politically, the idea of making a policy or declaration that erases a whole group of people is hateful and dangerous.

Imagine being told that who you are doesn’t exist and the healthcare and rights you have will disappear.

This is why people are very scared right now. I know a lot of people ( myself included) are feeling very hopeless. I don’t have an answer. But I do know that taking action is a positive way to manage these feelings. Here are some ways you can help:


Donating to the Trans LifeLine funds volunteers who staff a hotline and also gives monetary support to individuals. You can donate here:

If you need support or assistance, you can call them 24/7:
US: 877-565-8860
Canada: 877-330-6366

Reach Out

Be a support to people who might be feeling overwhelmed or scared right now. Contact friends or family members who are transgender, non binary, intersex, or gender diverse to check in on them. See if they need support, send them food, and make genuine offers to help. Listen to them and offer empathy and validation.


Go to local demonstrations to support your trans community and lend your voice to the cause. Stand with people who are transgender, especially those who are BIPOC, and make sure their voices are heard.

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