14 Jun

The New Normal?

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While cleaning up some clutter, I found a post-it note that I wrote to myself months ago. Months ago! That’s how long I’ve been putting off this clean-up. The post-it said:
The Universe gives you a taste and now you have to earn it.
I knew exactly what it meant and why I wrote it a few months ago. I had experienced the trap of the new normal.I’m sure you have experienced this phenomenon. It’s the feeling you get when you have worked so hard to make a change in your life and then once you have it…it feels normal and mundane… as if you never didn’t have it before!

This happened to me a few years ago after I started my practice. When I first worked for myself part-time, it was freaking magical. I would practically dance my way to the office. That was the taste of magic the Universe gave me. And now that it’s been a few years of working for myself, it doesn’t have the same magic. The Universe gave me a taste and now it’s my responsibly to make it magic.

What a freaking inspiring idea. It is within our power to create excitement, enthusiasm, and magic. I’m beginning to think that we get stuck in the new normal as a wake-up call.

Having trouble getting out of that new normal quicksand?

Get an accountability partner to check in with weekly or monthly to make sure you are making good on new goals.

Check in with yourself every week to make sure your actions are aligned with your goals.

Remember to take stock of all the amazing work you do and practice gratitude for being able to do it!

Be spontaneous, have a dance party, hang out with a new friend, take a new class!

The Universe give you a taste and now you have to earn it!

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