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Sex Therapy for Low Libido

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Low libido and low desire for sex can be a frustrating and distressing issue that affects many people at some point in their lives. It can lead to a lack of sexual satisfaction, low self-esteem and even relationship problems. Fortunately, sex therapy for low libido can be an effective way to address this issue.

What is Low Libido?

Low libido, also known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder, is a lack of interest in sexual activity. This can be a persistent or recurrent issue that causes distress or problems in relationships.

Low libido can affect people of all genders, and it can be caused by a variety of factors. These can include physical issues like hormonal imbalances or medications, psychological factors like stress or depression, and relationship problems. I always suggest my clients talk to their medical doctors to rule out any medical issue.

How Can Sex Therapy Help?

Sex therapy is a type of counseling that focuses on addressing sexual issues and empowering you to take control of your sex life. A sex therapist can help you identify the underlying causes of your low libido and develop strategies to address them.

During sex therapy, we work to explore your feelings about sex, identify any negative beliefs or attitudes you may have, and develop communication skills to better express your needs and desires to your partner.

I often suggest exercises to help you become more comfortable with sexual activity and work on increasing intimacy with your partner. Depending on your goals, therapy may also incorporate EMDR, drama therapy, and other embodied and creative techniques.

Low libido can be a frustrating and upsetting issue, but sex therapy can be an effective way to address it. I offer Sex Therapy in person or online in the state of Connecticut (CT) and online in the state of Florida (FL). Feel free to message me to learn more.


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