Marketing Yourself As a Creative Arts Therapist… and Create the Career of Your Dreams¬†

Creative Methods

Are you a new graduate from a Creative Arts Therapy program looking for your first job? Or maybe you are someone who has been in the field for awhile, but you’re looking for a better job?

Creative Arts Therapy graduate programs do a great job preparing us for clinical work, but they don’t often don’t teach the necessary skills to get the job. I created this eBook to teach basic and creative marketing tactics to help Creative Art Therapists market themselves and find jobs that they love! In these pages you’ll find:


Skills for the job market such as resume building, interview prep, and job search tactics especially for CATs. It includes:

Ways to transform creative art therapy language into clinical language
Ways to position yourself to get hired over other Mental Health Profressionals
Ways to market yourself based on your personality
Ways to market yourself in private practice
Ways Positioning yourself as an expert

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