Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

“Sex is emotion in motion.” — Mae West

“Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.” –– Deepak Chopra

Sex is one of the most natural parts of life, and yet, there is so much confusion around it. If you are not having the sex you want, if sex hurts or if it is triggering, if sex doesn’t feel good, sex therapy can help.

It is not a mystery why so many people have difficulties in sex. Most of us had minimal sex education in school and for most of us, it consisted of abstinence-only education or focused solely on avoiding pregnancy and STIs/STDs. Therefore, most of what people know about sex come from that minimal (and highly hetero/cis-normative) information and from pornography. While pornography can be an enjoyable art form, it usually gives very wrong and problematic information about sex.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on the emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational impact that sex might have on your life. Since talking about sex can be taboo in our culture, most of us weren’t taught how to have sex in a way that feel pleasurable, healthy, and empowering. Sex Therapy can be used to treat sexual problems and it can also be used to help you feel more empowered and comfortable in your sexuality.

What kind of issues can I explore in sex therapy?

  • Painful sex
  • Sex-related trauma
  • Sex-related anxiety
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low desire/ High Desire/Desire discrepancy
  • Kink/ BDSM related issues
  • Polyamory/ Consensual non-monogamy
  • Exploring sacred sexuality
  • Issues around pleasure

What is a Certified Sex Therapist?

An AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) Certified Sex Therapist is a mental health professional who has completed extra education and supervision around sexuality, sexual health, and treating sexual disorders.

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